Letsfaceit (originally named Trevit) was founded in 1995 by the three brothers Göran, Per and Peter Agardh. Its focus was Scandinavian distribution for the American toothpaste brand Natural White. Over the next upcoming years, the company expanded to distribute cosmetics by Markwins. This beauty focus led to the name change: Letsfaceit Nordic AB.


Cosmetics expansion continued in the 2000s, extending from all of Scandinavia to some Baltic countries as well. Over the next few years Grecian, Lily Lolo, EcoTools and Pashion were added to the portfolio. In 2011, IDUN Minerals was launched. IDUN is a cutting edge, premium mineral cosmetics line and is the first in-house brand to be developet and launched by Letsfaceit Nordic. All aspects from marketing to packaging to sales are handled internally. Its distribution is exclusively through pharmacy chains driven by its extremely high quality mineral formulas in the lip, nail, face and eye categories.


Today, Letsfaceit is a unique business partner on the Scandinavian market. Its broad distribution network reaches large mass and food retailers, pharmacy chains and other retailers like H&M. As such, it can manage multiple channels and give its partner brands access to consumers in a way that few other distributors can. In addition to managing distribution, Letsfaceit’s internal brand management team allows it to work with its partners strategically to understand Scandinavian market dynamics from a brand perspective. Letsfaceit can understand and adapt strategy if necessary before executing it through its distribution network. This vertical capacity puts partners in the best possible position for short-term and long-term profitability.