Beauty Bear (IG)

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SKU: BB1501

BeautyBear HAIR Vitamins Swedish/Finnish language

Beauty Bear HAIR Vitamins are delicious gummies with flavors of blackcurrant, specially designed with essential nutrients that strengthen and maintain your hair, including Biotin, Acerola (C-vitamin) and Folic Acid, which together strengthen and maintain the hair and gives your hair more volume and shine.
SKU: BB1512

BeautyBear SKIN Vitamins Norwegian language

Delicious gummies with a taste of raspberries specially designed with essential nutrients for your skin, including Vitamin A and Zinc, which strengthen and maintains your skin and Ceramides, which improves skin-elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles.
SKU: BB1532

BeautyBear TAN Vitamins Norwegian language

Beauty Bear TAN Vitamins are delicious gummies with flavor from sweet sunkissed peaches. Beauty Bear TAN Vitamins will prepare your skin for a beautiful and long lasting tan, while also protecting you from sunburn. TAN Vitamins is not a substitute for the use of sunscreen. We recommend that you always use an appropriate SPF sunscreen when staying in the sun.