Welcome to Ecooking, natural skin care with a focus on efficiency

Ecooking is a natural skin care series that was launched in 2015. The series is developed and produced in Denmark. Founder Tina Søgaard has worked with product development in skin care for over 20 years. Ecooking started when Tina wanted to do her own skin care, which was aimed at her problems. In her lab, she selected the best ingredients and mixed them into her creams in her kitchen. The rumor about the effect of Tina's products spread quickly and Ecooking was born there. The effect of the products is of great importance and is created to achieve a visible result. With as many organic and natural ingredients as possible. Ecooking`s vision is to create organic and natural products with care for humans and our environment.

100% organic natural oils

100% paraben free

100% vegan (but, natural beeswax is used in our Multibalms and Lip Balms)

Recyclable packaging