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SKU: 8040001

So Eco Powder Brush

So Eco Powder Brush is perfect for precisely applying and setting face makeup to create visible and professional-quality results. With a large, dense head this eco-friendly makeup brush with soft hypoallergenic bristles allows you to evenly distribute and blend powder or mineral foundation.
SKU: 8040002

So Eco Blush Brush

When it comes to blush, this brush is designed to deliver the perfect amount of colour onto the apple of your cheek, designed for all types of blush formula, this eco-friendly, vegan brush is ideal for creating that smooth finish, whilst also adding a dash of colour and definition.
SKU: 8040004

So Eco Stippling Brush

So Eco Finishing/Stippling Brush is hand-cut to two different lengths to deliver the right amount of foundation, blush or highlighter. This eco-friendly makeup brush is perfect for creating a touch of colour and definition, giving you a professional HD finish.
SKU: 8040005

So Eco Bronzer Brush

So Eco Versatile Bronzer Brush has an over-sized, round head which helps provide a smooth, defined application of bronzer. The brush can also be used to apply both face powders and blushers.
SKU: 8040007

So Eco Foundation Brush

So Eco Foundation Brush applies cream or liquid foundation evenly and smoothly to cover under-eye circles and imperfections. This eco-friendly makeup brush starts off your look by creating a smooth, flawless base.
SKU: 8040008

So Eco Eye Shading Brush

Ideal for getting an even colour on the lids, So Eco Eye-Shading Brush is perfect for blending round the eye to create a flawless shade effect. This versatile, eco-friendly makeup brush is perfect for highlighting and blending for further definition.
SKU: 8040009

So Eco Concealer Brush

So Eco Concealer Brush can easily apply and blend concealer ensuring complete coverage of any problem areas. This eco-friendly makeup brush comes with a round head perfect for maximum coverage and effortless application.
SKU: 8040010

So Eco Angled Eyeliner Brush

So Eco Angled Eyeliner Brush is essential for applying a shadow base. This versatile, eco-friendly makeup brush can also be used for shading, highlighting, and blending.
SKU: 8040011

So Eco Multi Tasking Brush

So Eco Multi-Tasking Brush is perfect for just about any job! This eco-friendly makeup brush gives flawless custom coverage and helps effortlessly apply powder, blush and bronzer. Its tapered design smoothly shades and defines, helpful for anyone who is on the go essential for any makeup lover who is always on the go.