Strategic Partner

Letsfaceit’s marketing team can work to build brands via all aspects of the marketing mix


Letsfaceit does distribution, but not only distribution of brands. There is brand development and more. We have a breadth of marketing support capabilities that allow us to either implement international brand strategies from strict guidelines or develop regional marketing programs and communications based on international strategies. We hold in-house brand management, creative, PR and digital capabilities which allow us to efficiently perform those functions without expensive outsourcing, so money can be used efficiently to drive business. We work with brands that have very strict guidelines, brands that want unique solutions based on our knowledge of Nordic consumers and brands that are in between.

To grow business, Letsfaceit has created a full brand team. This team has expertise in all aspects of marketing including product development, website development, package development, category management, promotions, social media, content development, print and television advertising including both production and media buying. We also have extensive blogger and influencer relationships which allow us to quickly and efficiently communicate with consumers. With this in-house capacity we can grow brands by knowing how and where to fuel them.